Please Help! What do I do from here?

I really liked this girl a lot and thought she had some feelings for me too and was playing hard to get or shy.

She asked for my number and I gladly gave it to her. She even told me she was single and sent me a selfie of herself.

Reason why I though she was playing hard to get was because she was slow at texting or not existent.

I already asked her out 3 times. The first 2 times i asked her to come and hang out with my friends and I and she said no. (But after asking her out the second time was when she asked for my number). The third time was really unintentional as we were talking about the delicious food at the restaurant that I worked at. Her answer was maybe if she finishes work early.

She didn't come but told me her girlfriend was working so she didn't want to come out by herself.

A few days later on instagram, she posted a photo a dessert that was served at my workplace. On the plate, it was written "happy 2nd date". I found that weird because she usually would hashtag the crap out of her instagram and she didn't.

Odd part is she asked me on one of my instagram photos... "how are you doing?" I didn't respond. She texted me the following day asking me how how was I doing.

What do I do?

What do you think of this whole situation?


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  • Just move on dude. You haven't even been on a date with her and she's already this much of a headache.

  • You're definitely right about this being confusing. I chased after a girl just like this before and I still can't figure out whether she actually liked me or not. Chances are that this girl is just very friendly which can easily be mistaken for flirty. My strategy is that if a girl can't be straight forward with me (or as straight forward as girls get) she's not worth my time. Just chuck her in the friendzone and find another girl. If she's really is playing hard to get then she should come around once she realizes that she is in the friendzone, but I should warn you that girls that play hard to get tend to be terrible girlfriends.