Do I have a right to be upset?

So I just got off the phone with my girlfriend. She tells me a random dude sent her a naked picture and then goes on tell me she asked who it was... im glad she told but at the same time pissed because if anyone sends you a naked picture and your in a relationship their is absolutely no reason to even continue the conversation dialogue. I'm trying really hard to understand the fucking thought process of this women...😡

I know for a fact if chick sent me a naked picture it be a instant block cause I respect my relationship.


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  • not at all... basically both right and wrong... wrong though coz this dude might wanted to share this pic somewhere else... and ended up in yer gf's phone... and after all she told u... so i beliee she doesn't hide anything

    • The problem with the first scenario is the dude hit my girl with the "we used to talk" line so this was no mistake on his part which further angers me

    • So maybe he might be a guy she used to date once

  • Yeah I'd be upset