First date help - Transportation issue (Boston) ?

Hey guys, I plan on asking a girl I work with out, although the only reason I am hestitent is because of my transportation situation. We work right near the train which is how I get to work, and I currently do not have a car. The only time I will be able to have full access to one is during the weekends. I initially thought I'd go into town with her after work by taking the train, but then I remembered about her commuting situation. Wouldn't it be a bad start if I asked if they could drive seperately so we can go into town?

The other option is that I drive to her neck of the woods on the weekend and hit the beach or something like that. I just really wanted to do something quick in town for our first date before spending the day together on the weekend.

Also, if you're from the area and have any tips on good first date ideas let me know. She's under 21 currently so that makes things a little more interesting. I'd rather not do the whole dinner and a movie thing.


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  • "Wouldn't it be a bad start if I asked if they could drive seperately so we can go into town?"<--- err ask who xactly? didn't get it

    i guess u should go wid da other option in my opinion. so if she's under 21 she cannot drink... so how about a walk on da beach? it would be nice in my opinion... u can have some ice-cream together (eh... since she can't drink yet... )