So I meet these 2 girls separately and they know each other and now found out I liked them both?

they are both from same small town so i kind of assumed they might know each other on some level but it turns out they are much closer than first though. i meet the one randomly at the beach and also see her at a restaurant i go to , the other i meet at a bar i go to. i meet them both this summer in last month or so , although the one i had seen last year just didn't talk to her then.
at the bar other night they were both there and i talked to each seperately but at some point they ran into each other and found out i had been talked to them both and liked both of them. the one appeared to take it worst than other as i was getting close i felt to being able to date her and i know she is on rebound from past failed relationship. i think when she found out about other girl she didn't take it very well and might of been surprised i even knew the other one. i'm not really sure where to take this next , they acted really funny when they found out , sort of disappeared to washroom then danced with each other and after that i sort of left.
any ideas? pick one to focus on?


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  • then if u should focus on one u should focus on gal #1... this one u met at da beach. seems like u know her better. but wot if da one u don't date goes jelly on da other? they r good friends... but yet they might fight over a guy u know...


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