How do I start talking to someone who I haven't spoken frequently to in over a year, but am developing interest in?

So long story short, there's this girl I'm interested i and we had a class together a year ago... She was in a relationship I weighed 290 pounds...
At some point we talked a bit on FB and junk... and i went to a con where she was selling art and just bought like everything I could from her cuz I loved her art... We were chums...
But due to well a lotta stuff we didn't talk much for s while and I graduated after that class...
Since then I lost 115 pounds... And she's gotten single... And we've kinda been liking all of eachothers statuses and commenting on pretty frequently... last time I saw her was at a con in April where we talked for a while... well I guess I saw her in May... But to be honest I got stupidly former fat kid shy when I saw her and hid... Lol...
so anyways... I've really wanted to talk to her like actually message her or whatever but I have nooo clue how to start this off or how to do this, lol any guidance would be amazing.


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  • Start by actually messaging her on facebook. Ask her how are things going.


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  • Lol just don't go all out, don't make it obvious that you liked her... big turn off. Just talk too her as if she were a common friend, how was your day, what did you do etc. Avoid those question 'hey what's up, 'hey', 'wats up', those are for kids. Tell her about your day, tell her something interesting, fun, humorus, don't just wait for her too make a good reply for you too jump on. Make your own pace. Girls like confidence


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