Why do guys want you more when you push them away?

It's like being a good girlfriend leads to guys taking you for granted. But saying f-it 'I'm going to do this tonight so no I can't meet you, I'll be out late and it isn't your thing', has them snap to and realize you do have a life and could find someone else in a minute.

It's not like we spend every moment together he knows I have hobbies and friends but when I tell him point blank I'm doing something that most likely has me around a lot of single guys he remembers I'm not with him by default. I'm with him as opposed to the hundreds of other guys I could be with.


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  • its not that he wants you more he already has you but feels threatened to loose you because you go "out" with your friends late and he is not there. he sounds insecure, you basically answered your own question.

    • See that's where guys always go wrong, 'already have you'. Like it is a permanent thing. I'm a loyal girlfriend. I'll stick around through the highs and lows in your life but if you start taking me for granted and treating me poorly then I'm gone.

      I'm getting tired of him putting no effort in, going out with close girlfriends to things I'd rather be doing with him. So I'm decide okay then I'm going to continue life as if I were single (no hook ups or anything) but go stay out doing things I like that I know he doesn't. I'm bored I'm going to a loud show with people who find me interesting...

      Unlike him I don't skirt the issue, I'm like no I'm going to a loud show you won't like it. God the power of 'no'... it's annoying. The only way he will lose me is by his own actions. I'm loyal to the core so if he is pulling his half of the relationship nothing could steer me from him.

    • it sounds like you go out and do things but he doesn't enjoy the same things you do, if he's not giving you what you are looking for in a relationship talk to him about it. if he's the type that doesn't like doing the things you like don't go against him for spite. its better to communicate

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  • They always want what they can't have.