Is it weird that he wants to go to a concert on our second date/hang out?

We met on tinder. Our first date was great! We went to a bar and got drinks until it closed at midnight... then we went to a second bar and just drank water b/c we didn't want anything more. We stayed til close and then we walked to a city park and talked at a table until 4 am! It was great and it seems like we both had a great time. He said he'd definitely like to see me again. Now I'm wondering if he just thinks we're friends? I'm not sure? He bought my drinks and he paid for my uber home. He didn't try to come inside (respectful I think!) but he also didn't kiss me. Granted, it was right in front of the uber driver and we both seem a tad shy.

He has said he definitely had a great time with me. He hasn't started many text conversations except one (of 3?) He's written me messages that compliment me on my intelligence. I think he was testing me last time... he asked me which newspapers I read! He's a smart guy.

Anyways, he asked if I wanted to do dinner or drinks on Friday. I said dinner... then he said on second thought what about a concert? Then he named three bands he'd like to see. I don't know any of them... Is he just seeing this as a hang out session or more?

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  • I don't think guys pay for your drinks and ride home if they just see you as a friend. Plus you guys met on Tinder. He's into you :) A concert sounds like a cool date idea.

    • Hahaha okay, thank you for the reassurance... I've been pretty uncertain!

    • No problem! Hope you have fun :)

    • haha back to no texting for two days!!! killin me!!! I'm playing it cool though :)