How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?

Okay, so I met this guy my freshman year of high school (7 years ago), we were good friends but lost contact when I transferred schools later that same year. We reconnected a few months ago on Facebook and have been talking ever since, we flirt, talk about hanging out. But he's in the Marines and won't be back in the states for another 2 years. We've joked around that we'd be the perfect couple because of how much we actually have in common, but I know guys are a little oblivious when it comes to knowing that a girl likes them. So, how should I tell him without making things weird?

He's not even in the U. S. So we just communicate online/text. I just don't want to make it awkward, I don't know how to tell him over text


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  • walk into a room he is in. sit down, lean back, and say, "soooo... you wanna knock the bottom out of this?" point to your crotch at that point.

  • Just tell him

    • I don't want to make it awkward

    • Some times it's the best to just put all your cards on the table

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