I don't know what to do (Racial Issues)?

My boyfriend wanted to meet my parents yesterday, and I had a huge problem with it. Why? Because I was scared that he would experience some racial tension while meeting them, and because my family doesn't want me to date young like this. Well, I drove him to my parents' house and told him the problem I had. He took it as a joke, and chuckled saying "don't worry, I will treat your parents' respectively, and this is a new generation, they will get over it." Well, I am black, and he is white, we are an interracial couple, which my family doesn't have at all. My parents' were glad to see me, but when they saw him they frowned. He offered his hand to my dad and my dad put his hand down. Then at the table it was an awkward silence, and then me and my boyfriend heard my mom whisper "cracker" and my dad "white boy" and "honkey". And joked about us having an "oreo" (mixed children). My boyfriend and dad started arguing and my dad told him to get out, and my mom slammed the door. In the car, it was total silence. My boyfriend was red with anger and he started shaking trying to control his rage. My boyfriend is now pissed off and when I try to calm him, he literally pushes me away. My parents don't want to talk to me either. What did I do so wrong? Why don't neither of them want to talk with me?


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  • If it wasn't because they're racists, I would have thought your parents were little kids, but little kids aren't racist.
    You did nothing wrong, it was your parents who acted very poorly, I'd be embarrassed to have parents like that. Your boyfriend shouldn't be mad at you cause you warned him and he still wanted to do it, just tell him you're sorry for how your parents acted and that it will never happen again cause he doesn't have to see them again.
    Seriously, your parents need a serious ass whooping.


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  • Your parent's are racist, which at this day and age is NOT okay. I understand that you live under their roof, but for now I would continue your relationship to show them that racism has no place in 2015 and that they need to learn to be more accepting. And don't be angry at your boyfriend, he had the right to be angry after being treated so disrespectfully, his anger wasn't directed at you and he'll come around once he calms down. And as for your parent's you have to talk to them, tell them that it isn't okay having the beliefs they do, that your boyfriend has treated you fantastic and has been nothing but polite to them and they need to open their minds.


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  • Give your boyfriend some time to cool off. He's probably never experienced racism at that personal level. As for your parents they probably just won't ever accept him so you'll have to accept that you'll be dating him without their blessing or support.

  • Your parents sound like royal cunts.

    Give ya boyfriend space and an ear if he needs to vent.

    You didn't do anything wrong... they did.


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