How can become and feel more attractive?

I'm a 14 year old guy. I'm going to become a freshman next year. Most of my life I didn't care what I looked like. But these last couple of years have changed that. I'm really funny because everyone even teachers laugh at my jokes. I'm also really smart, I have gotten honor roll 5 times and a 4.0 twice in middle school. I also speak french and a little Italian. I played baseball my whole life so I'm athletic. I have lots of friends. I'm also taller than most girls at my school. When I ask out girls they reject me and call me ugly.


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  • Everyone has good and bad points, so look for your good assets and work at improving them. This way you will become more confident and and over time you won't notice your flaws anymore. Become more skillful in the things you already know how to do. If a person is intelligent or skillful then most people will respect them, therefore will treat him/her better

    • Thank you. I have a passion for learning. I'm currently learning to code. I could use my intelligence to my advantage.

What Guys Said 1

  • Just be yourself and project confidence. Sounds to me that
    you have your act very well together. Girls are very judgmental
    at your age. Too many times if we guys don't fit a cookie cutter
    image of the perfect one, then they reject us. Side note, many
    girls who reject you now, will want you years down the road. It's up
    to you whether to accept them or not. I remember 14 being a tough age.

    • Thanks man. I really appreciate it. I agree with you, people my age including me are judgmental. I will try to keep composure and stay myself.

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