Guys, Do guy forgive their girlfriend say F word by text?

Hi, I'm not good in English. I found this site and want advice from people here. I'm 19 year old dating with the most amazing guy that I ever met. He is 24 year old. We never fight or rude with each other before. Have only disagree sometimes. We are in Long distance relationship, 5 month and a half.

I miss him so much almost everyday. He always text me but in different time. While I sleep, He wake up. When I wake up is his time to sleep. One day I'm over acting. I want him more and more. It's not enough for me even he sent me happy msgs, tell me how much he love me , tell me what he want to do if he stay with me. I read it and happy and start miss him so much, it sad. so I replied his happy msgs with my sad and less patient msgs. Next day of me, he texted me that he will back down and let me have own life, appreciate me and said I love you

After I finished work I back home, It's late night. I'm tired and want to talk with him so much. I open his msgs it make me broken heart because he want to back down. My head only think he want to break up with me so, I replied him with angry msgs :( I said I hate you because you make me love you! , I rude to him and the word that I can't believe I write him is F word :( I don't wait his reply me and bock him and delete him.

Next day I write him apologize email. He repleid after I sent him 1 hour that he is not mad, he doesn't hate me and he will write me more later.

What you think he will forgive me and back to me?

hey guys, he write me email and give me his line ID so, I add and tell him im sorry and want we get back, everything I write is the truth and consider already. He replied me that can't keep long distance while he very stress with his family problem. He feel so sad that he not able to give me what i need coz he tried and don't have energy. so I write him 'it ok" and "i respect his decision". Next day he write he miss me like hell. should I text him back or just wait for a while? what should I do?


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  • I think you'll be ok.
    you just need to be more honest and calmer when you text. If you miss him... tell him don't have a go at him. you've already said that you work/sleep at different so you know that he can't always reply straight away.
    good luck to you both :-)

    • thank you for advice :]

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  • I think he will likely be okay with you after this. Just don't ever text when angry! I always type out the text, but wait a few minutes and reread it before sending it, often I don't send it!

  • You've been in a long distance relationship for almost 6 months... if neither of you is doing anything concrete to live near each other very soon, you're much better off ending it. I assume it's not going anywhere because he's just letting you go, so you should just do that and move on. Sad, but true.

  • Hewill forgive you. We as humans havegood days and bad. Dont worry about it, just be honest with him :)

    • Thank you for advice, He write me after he break up that he miss me like hell. what should I do?
      I really want to get him back but now seem hard, everything not be the same because his decision make me scared to contact him.