Did I completely fuck up my chances?

So me and this guy have been talking for a couple months. When we started dating, things were amazing. We talked everyday, we had great dates, the sex was amazing and he told me he loved me. Well I got scared, and broke it off with him, but a week later asked him to come over because I missed him. I realized I was in love with him too.

We don't talk as often, and he seems to be a bit cold now. For the past month, he sends me mixed signals but he always lets me know he loves me and cares about me. The sex has gotten better. The thing is, I'm very stressed out. And when I'm stressed, I go to him for comfort, but with him being a busy guy too, I take it all the wrong way and blow everything out of proportion. I say things like he doesn't love me, he's using me for sex and I just act stupid because the stress I already have is causing me to be extremely paranoid.

I really care about this guy and I really want a future with him. He's always been weary about starting a new relationship, because he has a 2 month old newborn and he says that she's his responsibility, which I completely expect. Today, I had a panic attack from my stress, and I blew up his phone with messages and several long messages. I feel so stupid now, because I was able to calm myself down and now I look crazy. I know girls go through this, but what's a way i can reverse all this damage I did? He's been ignoring me for two days now and it's causing me to continue texting him.

I know he has feelings for me, and believe me, I haven't been myself for a month now. It's some personal issues, and he understands that part. Should I ignore him? I've already apologized for blowing up his phone, and I haven't texted him since. How do I get him to reattract to me?


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  • I think you have scared him off for sure... first of all, once you break up with me, I won't be coming back. Second, 'blowing up his phone' would scare me, personally at least. With he kid especially, I think he needs someone much more stable at the moment. It would be best for you to figure your stuff out single I think.

    I hope that did not come off as too mean... I really think this is best for you both


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