Does this mean anything bad?

I'm head over heels for this guy and his actions says to me that he has something for me also, I won't go into detail cause it'll become a novel!

Basically whenever I text him, he always messages back but after about a couple of messages through text he moves to Facebook chat.
should I be concerned? Or is it simply just his preferred way of communicating with me?

he's 35 and I'm 24 if that matters.


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  • Probably just what he's used to. Have you asked him?

    • Nope... Cause I WAS thinking that it's just the way he does things, cause I know he uses it to talk to family members back in NZ.
      So nothing I should be worried about?

    • Nah, I wouldn't worry about it. He probably has everyone and their brother on that list and it's just more convenient to do it that way.

      @Anonymous - what's wrong with 11 years? I've dated 20 years both ways of my age. Time to broaden the horizons, I think. Life's too short to be tied down by age.

    • Oh yay. That's alright than! I have been told by his close mates that he isn't much of a messenger either so I guess I shouldn't be too worried. He doesn't stop talking face to face.

      Yeah I dont mind the age gap. I love men that are older than me. Guys my age just don't do it for me anymore, especially after getting to know men in their 30's.

  • 11 years? Yikes

    • Yeah I don't really care about the age gap. Men my age aren't attractive to me because most are immature and don't know where they are headed in life.

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    • I'm just trying a prove a point, that, you shouldn't try and rush your own life just cause you're lonely, some people know what they want, some don't, whether that's 2 or 100

    • How am I rushing my life?

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