Girls, Is it worth seeing an escort if you feel lonely & can't get a date?

I need help.

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  • An escort is only hanging out with you because she is getting paid for it, A LOT. So, for a night it might help, but unless you've won the lottery, it's not going to help you feel less lonely and get a real girlfriend. If I were you, I'd rather spend the money on taking some dating classes.

    • There's dating classes?

    • Yes, of course, there are a lot of workshops available. Otherwise you could consider a private coach if a class is too public and uncomfortable for you. Google is your friend :)

    • I can't get a date at all. I'm rubbish with females. I can only relate to them as acquaintances.

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  • What's the reason you can't get a draw? You should try using dating websites.

    • Can't do it in real life or online.

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    • 24 years

    • 😑 that is not to late lol

  • No, there is nothing impressive about just having pity paid sex.

    • That's like having to buy things to a teacher in order to pass the class. You would but just passing but haven't learn anything about the course.

      Same with the paying for an escort. Besides just the sloppy seconds of sex, how are you going to learn about dating, what to expect in a date, etc?

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    • I might not but imagine that secret he would have to carry forever if he were to find the girl he always wanted but she values sex in a relationship only, then he would have to pretend he shares her same values and go along with the lie... never revealing that he had to pay to lose his v-card.

    • Might not be hard for him.

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