Not going on a date with a guy becaue he's less attractive then I remembered?

so i have met this guy once and i thought the date went great.. The impression i got from him was that he was a bit nervous, but he was a gentleman i terms of holding up doors, not touching me (at all), that he does things when they need to be done (no questions asked kinda thing) and he's very knowlegable when it comes to different people from differetn countries etc.

But after the date he went on holiday for 2 weeks, and when he came back i went on a 10 days holiday. I just came home and we are having a date today. But my sister insisted that i looked through his facebook profile, something im always uncomfortable doing, and now im unsure if i want to meet him.

The thing is that he looked just like himself, and maybe it was not good pics of him, but he looked less attractive then i can remember. BUT those pics was from 2-3 years ago so i guess he doesn't look exacly like that.

Anyway, so im still unsure of i even wanna go... and i know im being weird and even stupid, but i can't help it... i dont know what to do :s


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  • So you don't know whether you want to go out with him because he's not as attractive in old photos as you remembered him being in person a few weeks ago?

    If you are having these concerns, perhaps you should cancel it. For his benefit, frankly. :) He sounds like a cool dude, and it would suck for him to spend additional time pursuing romantic contact with a girl who would have second thoughts about dating him again based on his appearance in years-old Facebook photographs.

    Look, the upside here is that you've said "I know I'm being weird and even stupid." But if you can recognize your behavior that way--and I think many people would agree with you--why would you continue to act like that?

    If you just don't want to date him, of course that's fine, but be upfront about it rather than giving the somewhat bizarre reasons in your question. :) Good luck.


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  • That's really shallow of you... A date is not a marriage, you can always stop seeing him afterwards if you don't like him. I would go. But then again he sounds smart, might be better off with someone who'll see past his physical appearance.


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  • Don't go. Leave him alone.


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