Boyfriend of 5 years dumped me 3 times in the month, lied, then came back.. now he's gone again :( please read my story :( :( and help?

Hello, iv been with my boyfriend for 5 years. Things got rocky about a year ago when he started his new job and he started becoming very mean towords me. He would call me names and ignore me and just he very hurtful and mean. So that has still been going on. He started working and I was so happy for him - he became very odd wirh his phone and hiding It. He then hid his facebook on me and instgram. He did never invited me out with him for his friends or his work nights out, he never wanted me there and I think he even tells them he hasn't been with me. So last month he broke up with me because I found his facebook and he was chatting to a coworker who he told me he find her attractive. I was so upset, it wasn't anything flity but I could tell he was enjoying the chat a lot. He told me he woukd never text her or anything so he lied . So he found out i seen it and texted me. ' iv no time for u anymore bye' then he came back 2 weeks later saying he missed me etc but he needs me to not be 'jelaous ' or ' crazy' as he said .. then he dumped me again after a few days because I brought up some things we needed to chat about he made me cry and called me ridcuslous and tjat he will talk to whoever he wants ans go out to whoever he wants.. I said ye that's ok im obviously not going to tell you what to do with your life but it just killed me. Then he cane back after a month of being apart from me.. I slowly started to be ok.. still sad but I carryed on with life. . After the month he said I really need to see u. So I went down ( stupid me) and he kept telling me he loves me an only wants me and will do anything for me. We kissed and I told him I missed him and loved him ans just wanted him to be nice to me and invite me out and make me feel loved. I told him I feel neglected. . but he said THAT'S MY fault because the way I am? He told me to fuck off today and he'll let me know if he wants me again :( he said


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  • Your really want be loved but this guy is wrong in so many ways when you going call it quits? No man should treat a woman that way i really think your afraid to be loved by another man !

    • He says it's all me. It's all my fault I'm the cause. Then I kinda start to belive it.. then I think noway I shouldn't be treated like this. He belives he's not doing anything wrong. I just don't no.. I havnt heard from him since eariler today. Thanks for your feedback! Xxx

    • Your welcome and i hope you can move forward best wishes! Xxx

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  • Dump him. Get away from that guy
    "fuck off and I'll let you know if I'll want you again" that's so disrespectful...3 times already... I'd start looking for someone else if I were you


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  • Ok why would you go back and be with him if he's dumped you 3 times... Just leave and ignore him if he comes back.


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