How do you know whether it's going somewhere or if you're wasting your time?

I've been seeing a guy for over 6 months now we're not together or official or anything and I just can't tell what he's thinking or feeling? How do I know whether he's serious or whether this is going anywhere? I don't want to be clingy or needy but I feel like 6 months should be long enough for him to know whether this is what he wants or not?


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  • 6 months is definitely enough for him to know if he wants you to be his girl or not. It's a lot of time. You should definitely ask him where things are going and what his prospects are. If he can't tell you after 6 months then he's not that into you.


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  • truth be told, if you never mention anything, he might just be thinking it's you who doesn't want anything, we aren't mind readers so communication is super important. BUT also you don't want to bring up anything and potentially jeopardize what you have HOWEVER.. if you want something more and he doesn't, it's smarter to get out now before you fall even harder.