Is she interested, playing hard to get, cautious and scared or just not interested?

We've been taking for almost a month now. We hit it off right from the start and we chatted online for awhile but she did say on her profile she's not looking for anything serious and she also mentioned it to me. I said that's fine lets just get to know eachother and she was ok with it hat. then I got her number after I asked her out which she replied "that would be nice" then we texted back and forth all day long and it went great. She was even out in the mountains and she still made time to talk to me.
We we went out on our date and it went amazing. I hugged her and then we went for a walk and we both hit it off and she was very interested in my life and everything. She laughed at my stupid jokes and we had slot of the same views and opinions. We made eye contact and all that stuff. She got out of my truck and I told her I had fun we will have to do this again. She shyly said ya for sure. Then I got out of my truck and met her and greeted her with a hug again and we stared at eachother and we lightly kissed on the lips. She txted me after the date thanking me for the nice evening and we made plans to go out again! All is well right?
After this we didn't text as much which I'm fine with but one day she ignored me all day which was weird but I think I upset her the night before because my buddy's ex was hanging out with us and I told her that and also mentioned that she's a slut and slept with every guy I know. Plus I forgot to reply to her goodnight message so that could be why she ignored me the next day but I don't know. Anyways I texted her late and said I enjoy talking to her and I look forward to our date. The next day she told me she's not looking or anything serious not a relationship and it looks like iam. I told her I have no expectations and no pressure. She said she's ok with friends and she doesn't wanna give me false intentions. What the Sam hell does this mean? She also had to cancel our date as she has to help her fr

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She always likes my posts on Facebook that show my interests which are similar to hers and she always likes relationship quotes that ibshare
Help her friend move out of her ex's place. She said we cab try for next week and that this month is just so busy for her to make concrete plans but she really wants to shoot pool. She's got anxiety and attachment issues. Is she intwrested


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  • You told her "that she's a slut and slept with every guy I know"? Well, bad move.

    She seems very cool and honest. She's open to getting to know a bit more about you. But she isn't in love, doesn't feel you're her soulmate. So probably it's going to go one or two more dates, and that's it. If you can accept that, do it. If you expect more, avoid it. It will only hurt you.

    Also, don't text drunk, or when your "friends" are around. That's weak.

    • It's one date and a few weeks of course she isn't in love... lol

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