Why does my ex boyfriend girlfriend keep trying to add me on Facebook?

I hadn't talked to my ex in over a year and I accidentally butt dialed him and next thing I know his girlfriend is trying to add me on Facebook?


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  • Why don't you accept her, and ask her how she's doing? She might have a genuine question about his behavior, and, if you're over him, might really help her. You were both attracted to the same guy, you probably have more in common than you think.


What Girls Said 1

  • she probably thinks you're reaching back out to him maybe romantically and she wants to add you to message you and set things straight

    • Yea maybe but my ex called me back multiple times after I accidental buttt died him so she might want to make things right with him first

    • but no matter what she would see you as he issue (which you are defiantly not) but how would you feel if your boyfriend got a call from his ex and then chased her? you would probably be pissed if she messages you just explain the booty dial

    • Yea I would be pissed but she should take that out on him not me