What is an inspiring woman?

I read a lot about men looking for women to inspire them. What do you guys find inspiring in a woman? How should her caracther be like for you to develop feelings for her?


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  • An inspiring woman, to me, gives me new ideas for things to think about. She might inspire me to create, to think, to find new adventures, to be the best I can be. She inspires me to do more with my life and to do things I didn't think I could do - to believe more in myself.

    I'd develop feelings for her from a combination of her beauty, her intelligence, her depth, her tastes, her interesting nature, her passion, and her playfulness.

    • wow, I really loved your comment, I hope I'll meet a man who will see me this way. sounds amazing

    • Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I want a woman who makes me feel alive, and I hope you will meet a man who sees you that way too :)

  • I don't really develop feelings for inspiring women. I mean, if I'm with a girl and she happens to do something that's inspiring or something, I'll think she's inspiring, but I don't become more attracted to a woman because I think she's inspiring or something. I find Chien Shiung Wu (a Chinese Physicist from the 1950's) really inspiring, but she wouldn't be my type back when she was younger, or something. When I find someone inspiring, it's not a gender specific thing. If a guy had done the same things that Wu did that I found inspiring, I'd find him inspiring and wouldn't be interested in her anymore than I would be interested in him just because I found him inspiring.


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