Girls, So I want to ask my friend out again but I don't want to pressure her too heavily either, cuz I would like to stay friends?

Went on a date she gave me many positive sides before and even after.
Knowing she was busy and her summer break was wrapping up, I asked her to tell me when she was free so we could go to this place she mentioned interest in. She said she would like to go out to the show with me and she'd be sure to tell me when she could.
We had a conversation after things were good...
But two days ago I sent her a what's up text to wgich she didn't reply, she's responded before whenever I send a message, so this is a first... And I can't help but feel like she's gotten slightly distant.
I want to send her this message,
Hey, so are we still up to go to the show sometime? Know you're kinda busy with school and theatre prep, but figured I'd just ask :)
But I'm afraid of pressuring her too much... And I feel adding something like I don't want to pressure you or its cool if you don't' wanna, or something like that is too much?
What would you reccommend, any help with wording?


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  • Just send a text and then stop at that.

    • It's not too much even if she didn't respond to my last one?
      My current one doesn't seem too bad does it?(honestly I'm new to texting)