I may have screwed up?

there's this girl that my sister kind of hooked me up with she very pretty. She lives quite aways away from me and when I went down to see her for the second time, I was a kind of immature about curtain things due that i was a little drunk at the time and now we haven't talked in a couple days. she litteraly all I can think about.


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  • She'll probably forgive you if you apologize and tell her you were drunk and you want to try a second date with her


What Guys Said 1

  • Just don't say anything, or the bare minimum, over texting and phone. Arrange to see her face to face. And then say everything you think about, no filter. Over the phone, it doesn't work. Texting, even while sober, is sure to get you in trouble. Just make sure that when you are talking freely, you do so face to face. Us guys say a LOT of stupid stuff over a short period of time. If women really cared, the human race would have gone extinct a long time ago.

    It sounds cute to her when she's looking into your eyes. Over distance like phone, or worse, text, she can use her brain, and figure out how stupid you are.


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