Should I let him stay with me?

Long story short, I met a guy when I was 3months pregnant. I was not intending on dating or looking for someone when my babys dad jumped ship after finding out I was pregnant. However, things happen. I've been upfront about the pregnancy since the beginning. When we first met we'd just go out, have dinner and talk. The company was nice but I've been very adamant about this "thing" not getting serious, not anytime soon at least. With my life changing and the added pressure of single parenting, I worry about throwing a relationship on top of that. Well as the months have gone by I can't deny our getting closer. I really enjoy his company and lack of pressure to do or be something I'm not ready to. Recently we've gone from once a week visits to 2-3times. He has stayed at my house during the week a few times now. Taking notice to my house being about half the distance to his work and with a lot less traffic, he has brought up the idea of staying with me during the week to help with his commute. Not to free load, he is willing to help with food cost and such. Well my baby is due in 2 weeks. I still haven't' figured out how this is all going to work with him and the baby. I'm not looking for him to be my kids dad, and honestly worry probably a little to much about him and my son getting to close. So I'm just not sure. I feel like its a little to early in the game, considering were not even a "real" couple and I worry about having him around so much while I'm supposed to be learning to be a mom. Any opinions or advise? He is a great guy. Very kind, we get along great... and from the times Ie has stayed over, don't for see any problems cohabiting.


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  • If he's going to stick around he needs to make you his official girlfriend and you both need to he in a COMMITTED relationship. If not then don't be friends with benefits with him cause you'll have a beautiful baby boy to take care of and won't need any need emotional attachment to someone who doesn't feel the same way. Be careful cause there are some weirdos (pedophiles) who get with single moms to molest their kids as they grow. Do whatever makes you happy and remember to listen to your gut if you feel something is wrong. I hope you have a safe delivery and everything works out.

    • Its me who hasn't "commited" he refers to me as his girlfriend. I'm afraid to get to close, and mostly afraid to let my baby get close. Thank you for your opinion I will keep it in mind :)

    • Give him a chance, he just may be the one. I'm not saying you have to let your walls down, just don't be afraid to be happy.

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