What should I do about a guy doing a slow fade?

I'm debating whether this guy I've been texting is trying to fade away. We were casually seeing each other, but now we are 3 hours apart for the summer and his responses have slowed waaayyy down in the past two weeks, from every 20/30 min to one text a day. I still really like him and this is driving me insane, I want to believe that maybe he is busy or wants to text less often. He says how I should postpone watching this Netflix show so we can watch it together when summer is over, and joked that I should buy him a toy of his favorite animal, and still seems kinda into our whole thing. I even visited a few weekends ago and he said he really liked me and was excited for me to come up. Content of his texts hasn't really changed, and he never fully ignores my texts, but why am I now just getting one a day? I really want to give him a dose of his own medicine and postpone my replies by a few days, but I'm afraid that'll push him away even more... Should I ignore him for now, or would it be too weird/clingy to ask what's going on?


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  • Separation is tough on new relationships. It sounds like he's cooling off and there's not much you can do about it. Relationships change


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