I've been bailed on once, and now stood up. What do I say to him?

So I've been texting this guy for a while, and finally he asked me out, and we got the date set and everything. we're going mini golfing. Well we were supposed to go last Friday, but he ended up being too tired , which I know is a legit excuse, and he asked to reschedule to today. So I agreed.

Well now today I rush home from work so I can get ready, and I text him and ask him what the plan is (he wanted to pick me up, so I wasn't really sure what was up) Then I texted him when I was done and told him that I was ready whenever. still no response. then an hour after the first message I texted him and asked "are we still on for tonight?" and still nothing an hour and a half after that... He has his read reciepts on, and he hasn't read them yet...

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. but I want him to also know that I'm upset about this. We snapchatted this morning at 2am and he mentioned our date, so I know he didn't forget. he's seemed excited about it. I just don't think he did this on purpose, but I want to send him one more message to kind of get the idea across that I'm pissed, but I'm not uninterested. and I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. but I just want to let him know that this isn't ok.


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  • I've had this situation occur to me plenty of times and i guess its okay the first few times because maybe he was tired? and maybe something happened thats why he hasn't responded. BUT i also did hate the feeling and trust me i know exactly how you feel... also, its obvious he likes you since he asked to reschedule andddd he mentioned your date this morning. i would just say you give it one more and if he bails again then drop him because guys that do that just aren't worth it and are probably wasting your time.

    • Thats exactly how I feel about it. I do think he really was tired, I know he worked till about 11:30 the night before, then He got up at about 5:30, drove to his new college about an hour and a half away to get some stuff done, then had to drive back, and go to work, and then we were planning on going out.

      I do think he likes me, but it really hurts because he's left me hanging... like this is the second time, I've been dressed, my hair is done, my makeup is done, I was dressed. I teach swim lessons and lifegaurd, and I managed to keep my hair dry today just for this reason, and that is honestly a huge accomplishment haha

      I kind of just want to send him one more text that kind of explains that yea, I'm still disappointed and honestly a little pissed, but it also says that I still like you, and I still want to try to make this work.

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    • I would say send it. If you haven't sent it, it's been 2 days now and if he still hasn't had the balls to text you then he's a deuce

    • Thanks for all your help. I'm just super confused as to why he did this... Like is this some kind of game he plays? Does he think this is ok?

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  • Send him a text telling him that you waited for him and you want know where he was at cause you got ready and now you fill stood up ,


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