Have you ever been pissed off at your crush over something? Did it eventually drive you away from the person or did you get over it?

Elaborate if you will


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  • Yes I've been mad only like twice. Once was high school..."Didn't speak for 6 months but we managed and our still friends today"

    But I'll tell you about my college crush

    We used to get angry at each other over little things but we'd never talked about it.. Like he'd give me the look which meant he wanted something and I'd give him the looked that was a definite NO. Then we'd get on the others nerves and/or be rude to the other for the day until someone cracked a joke. This was freshman year..

    Fast forward the end of our second year. I had a huge blowout with him due to some very childish drama mostly on behalf of him. I let him have it..
    We didn't talk about, one year later junior year we still aren't talking but I heard he was waiting for me to come back

    But NOPE not this time. It drove me away far far away. I'd like to say that I could forget about it but the few times his friends tried to talk to me about it I couldn't even stand the sight of them so I could only imagine how I'd feel if it were him in front of me..

    Probably just anger and frustration
    It would take a lot of work from ME for him an apology would suffice the rest is all a big mental battle for me.. Debating pros/cons.. Etc


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  • The crush you have will always outweigh anything you think he/she may have done.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, of course! I usually can't stay mad for very long... stupid crush!

    • haha, and do you let it show that you're mad?

    • Yes, that's the point! Even when I try to hide it it doesn't work he can always tell

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I've had crushes that pissed me off a lot, and I knew they liked me too so I could see they were sorry and felt bad about it, so that helped me get over it cause they were worried they messed up.
    Seeing how they cared made me forgive them.


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