Can you help me come up with a creative cheap date?

I made a bet with my boyfriend to see who can come up with the most creative cheap date. It can't be lame like, oh go walk on the beach or picnic at the park... it needs to be more creative. Help! Any suggestions?


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  • that depends on how much work you are willing to put into it.

    • I will go all out if it means I win. We're very competitive! Any good suggestions?

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    • sorry abc3643, I'd already given it to him before I read your post, but you both generally have the same idea, so you're a secondary MHO in spirit.

    • combine the two. scavenger hunt leading to the dinner. thats a winner for sure.

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  • I don't know if this is cheap, per se, but I say cook a fabulous meal together. Spending all that time in the kitchen prepping is fun because lots of quality talk goes on. Then, while waiting, you can talk or watch a nice romantic movie or TV show and drink some wine. Dinner is candlelit with some nice music playing - classical or easy jazz. Believe me, this is a good date and my wife and I do it quite a bit. It's my favorite time with her.

    • I would loooove this, but my guy burns toast and we have long ago agreed, he's not allowed near fire or sharp things in the kitchen anymore for insurance purposes, lol. I want to push the creative box though. Dinner and a movie is awesome, but I want it to be something totally unexpected that doesn't end with me getting food poisoning.

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    • Geo-caching is what you are thinking of. I did it once. It sucked. People who like to be douches with go on a geo-cache and simply take the item so subsequent geo-cachers can't find it and waste lots of time.

    • Oooo, oops, thanks for the correction. Oh man, that sounds like an awful time. Scratch that, but I will come up with a new quest, maybe just use text clues for him that specifically lead to something I've hidden.

  • *ponders* Go to any restaurant and each of you, separately, order some random food items. Then put on a blindfold, and give him/her a food item and ask them to guess what it is. I've done that, it's pretty fun.

    If that's too expensive, go to the library and find a children's book you both like, and find a corner somewhere that's private and take turns reading each page.

    • I don't understand how reading a children's book would constitute as a good date. That's a bit too weird for me.

    • Depends on the couple, and how far along the relationship is. Also depends on the book. T. S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats is a children's book that the musical Cats is based on. I'd think that'd be a fun read. But anyway, whatever works for you. Good luck with it. =^.^=

  • OHHH ME CALL ON ME!!! *Raises hand*

    The date could be to draw self portraits of each other
    like you set up to isles get some pencils and draw each other lol!

  • Brunch :3 walk along the beach, zoo, greenhouse, boat ride, pinic, symphony, diner :3 movie

    • somethings to consider

    • It's relative cheap since this date idea is about going on an adventure together

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