Meeting family?

I've been dating a guy for a couple of months and my family lives pretty far away except an uncle that is an hour from my city.

My Mom and her siblings are visiting my Uncle and having a BBQ. She really wants me to invite the guy I'm seeing. Guys would that scare you as moving too quick?

I've met a guys family before when it was something like this at the beginning g of the relationship. It didn't scare me because I understood it to be more on the grounds of a date a wedding kind of thing. They are getting old and just want to see I'm dating. They know about him because I think it may have long term potential.

Should I just go ahead and ask him to come?


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  • Ask him, I think that would be cool. If it isn't then he isn't worth the time...

    • Thanks for the response. I guess you are right. No better way to tell if we aren't on the same page. If he doesn't see this as going anywhere I'm sure he won't like to invitation.

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  • I don't consider it too soon. It doesn't harm to ask him.


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