What Is "FAIR GAME" In Going After Someone?

To Me Its Someone Who Is Single, I Don't Feel The Need To Go After A Person Who Is In Love With Someone Esle Or Waiting/Wanting Them? It Still Puzzles Me That a lot Of People Don't Care... I Have A Friend That Said "If The Person Isn't Happy Who Gives A F*ck, Its Over" Like She Really Pissed Me Off, For I Ask Her What She Meant And She Said " Well If He's Not Happy, Then Its Fair Game, For Me I Am The Key To Happiness Now And His Extra Baggage Isn't... Lets Just Say We Haven't Been On The Right Track Since. Like Basically So A Man Thats Dating Or Married To Someone Esle Isn't A Slam In The Face From Getting Involved. For Me It Is, Like I Couldn't Have That On My Conscience If I Became A Homewrecker. I Have Heard The Saying Of "You Can't Fix What's Already Broken" But To Me Thats Total Bs. When I Am Interested In A Person, They Have To Be Completely Single, No Seperation, Break, WaitingDivorce, No FWBs Or Open Relationships And Not Any SHE IS FINE WITH ME DATING SOMEONE ESLE. Like I Am Not Into Being A Third Wife, Etc. So I Can't Believe How Others DGAF!!! Lol So Whats Fair Game In Pursuing Someone New, You Have My Opinion, Now What's Yours.


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