What do I say to my immature boyfriend?

Over the past few days I was on tour abroad for a talent I have which meant that I couldn't talk to him as much as I would have liked. I told him there would be barely any internet. It took me a couple of days to respond to each of his messages. Now I am back home, I noticed that my last message has been delivered for 2 days but intentionally not opened. I know he is doing this because he has been online on other things that require a phone. I think he will respond eventually, but how do I tell him that I know what he was doing... Or should I tell him at all?
I am 15 and he is 16, I don't know if that information will help anything.


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  • Psh. I wouldn't worry about those immature games. I know how stressful that can feel those.

    • Right. So what do I say to him, that is my question

    • I would break up with him and find someone who appreciates my talent and accepts all the work that comes with it. Or just ask him where his priorities lie and if he can handle it or not.

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  • OR, he hasn't checked his phone in 2 days only been on a computer and since you take a few days to respond he sent his and hasn't been on his phone for a couple days cause u take a while to respond and he doesn't need to be on it

    • He has been on whatsapp, which means he would have seen any other notifications on his phone.

  • Find a more mature boyfriend


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