Is she not interested anymore?

Me and her had hung out a few times and then went on a date. Lately though she hasn't snap chatted me. In person she is her normal happy self. I asked her out again and she said it depends on what her schedule looked like but she was pretty sure she was busy. She did find time for me to come into the pool she works at so we could race eachother and she is always responsive to my texts in more than one word answers. She has agreed to 2 more completions between us. It's just weird because normally she is the one reaching out by snapchat. The date was great by the way. She opened up and we were both laughing and pushing each other the whole time.


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  • Since this isn't really a real relationship... Find something she is interested in and rock it. That's if you are really interested in her,,

  • i don't see y she's not interested... by da fact she didn't snapchat u doesn't mean she's not interested... after all... all those other signs r positive


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