What are some signs a guy wants something serious?

What are some signs a guy wants something serious? I dont want to lead him on and I dont know Him that well


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  • Talking about the future as a couple


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  • I think if a guy is serious about you he will show it in his actions. For instance, he will pay attention to details. He will go out of his way to do nice things for you. He will rearrange his schedule to see you even if it is inconvenient for him. He will WAIT for sex even if the wait is indefinite.


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  • If he isn't terribly attractive and only okay with women. Since his dating skills are low, he's more likely to want to commit since it will be hard for him to find someone else.

    • Well I know he has had a girlfriend before, but I have noticed that he's not super good at flirting etc

    • and he not super attractive either

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