Dating a guy with a kid?

I am 18 and recently a 23 year old guy has shown interest in me. I met him through my brother. The thing is, this guy has a 2 year old kid that he has custody of. (The kid sees her mom on weekends)

Would I be in over my head?
Girls, what would you do?
Guys, whats your view on the situation?


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  • A kid complicates things - 18/23 isn't that bad - I would give it a shot and see what happens


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  • Do you get how hard it is to date while being a single dad or mom? I have a one year old and the only guy tgt seems to like me are ones with kids... get to know him first then his kid your nor in over your head

    • I'm just worried because i usually don't like kids and what if his daughter doesn't like me?

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    • I don't know how to interact with kids, she could just stare at me like im some sort of alien.

    • Play wih her

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  • Give it a shot, he's obviously a good guy seeing as he has custody of his kid over the mother. I mean just because he has a kid from a previous venture shouldn't hinder a relationship... as long as you don't dislike children of course

    • Thats another thing too. I usually don't like kids unless they're really well behaved. And i mean, like, perfect. I don't have a lot of tolerance for misbehaving children.

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    • And what if the kid doesn't like me?

    • He'll get over it... I mean always an instance of a child thinking that one parent is trying to be replaced... not uncommon

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