What is your opinion? Why did he message me after a year?

Over a year ago I decided I was ready to date and started looking for a guy so I made an online profile. After a little while I met a guy and we instanly klicked. He was cute, a strong Chrstian, well mannered. But he decided he wasn't ready and I moved on. We kept in touch for a while then about a year passed and I didn't hear from him. During that year I was in a very commited relationship for 9 months. It was serious until he decided it was too hard and walked out on me (that is a whole different story). A month after the breakup I randomly get a messaged from the guy that I havnt spoken to in quite a while. He asked how I was doing, and I told him that I honestly wasn't doing so well. He said he noticed somthing was off because of my snap chat and instagram. Meaning he noticed I stoped posting pictures of my ex. So what I am wondering is, did he message me after this long because he noticed I am single? He also mention seeing something on my instagrom profile about a month ago meaning he has been looking at it. My thoughts is maybe he decided he was ready to date and he sought me out again after I broke up? What do you guys think?


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  • I think what you're saying is spot on!


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