What is the worst excuse for someone being single you've ever heard?

I can think of two people in partcular, so I'll do a straight guy and a straight girl.

My friend Greg says he's single because he's overweight. Interestingly enough, the two girlfriends he's had in his life, was when he was FATTER than he is now. I explained that to him and he told me those girls were rare exceptions. So then I explained to him how there can be so many thin and beautiful women dating overweight men and he told me those were other exceptions. I hate to break it to you Greg but when you see a mass amount of these examples, they are no longer "exceptions." If he would have used money as an excuse, I think that would be far more accurate but he doesn't even bring that up.

Now, this girl I know named Stephanie claims he is single because all guys want sex (She's single by choice, which is typical for females.) I told her that even though most guys only want sex, not all of them do. She swears "99.999999%"(Her words) ONLY want sex and men are a waste of time. All because TWO guys have cheated on her. I should also note she was divorced at 20 years old, so she might be bitter from that (She's 26 years old now.)
@SensualScribe Once again, thanks for a thorough answer.


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  • I have heard a lot of excuses. My aunt has been single all her life- dated casually, but never anything serious or long term and she says she just doesn't need the drama. Relationships do not need to be full of drama. I know a lot that are, don't get me wrong, but people just need to communicate better and that could be avoided.

    What gets me is when people are shocked that I am not single because of me being overweight... it is mostly other women. My sister is overweight too and gets the same thing from other women. "Oh, you have a boyfriend?" they ask in a shocked tone. Ugh.

    • Regarding your aunt, I hear that a lot as well. While I do think they can be too much drama, it doesn't HAVE to be drama.

      As far as being shocked you're not single, you have to see their point of view: Heavy women are stigmatized in the media and it's now a subconscious thing for most people. I wouldn't act shocked though, as I know obese women who are married.

    • Oh, I understand their point of view, for sure. The people that are shocked are always younger, immature girls who assume that no man wants a woman who is overweight.

      And no, relationships definitely do not need to be full of drama. No relationship is perfect and there will always be disagreements, but if you communicate well, they do not have to be work.

    • @CincinnatiRedsfan No problem! I try my best to answer thoroughly and honestly. Thanks again for the MHO!

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  • "because all girls friendzone me"
    -Every self-proclaimed nice guy ever

  • one i heard was "im single because im destined to be alone" like seriously chin up you fucking chump.

  • Since when do people NEED an EXCUSE to be single?

    Since when is being in a relationship a need?

    You desperate people do my head in

    • I never said people need an excuse, nor did I say a relationship was a need.

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    • But why should people who choose to be single have a reason other then because they want to?

      And instead of sticking your beak in everyons business and personal life why don't you just focus on yourself?

    • Because I'm very nosy, that's why.

  • The biggest excuse I heard was...
    Girl won't like me because I am hairy... Lol!!!

    • Lol I know so many hairy guys who get girls.

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    • I've heard of Westchester, New York.

      I live near Westchester, Ohio, which is a medium size wealthy city lol. Interesting.

    • Westchester is ok, where i live New Rochelle people aren't filthy rich but i have friends who live ridiculous life styles and sometimes i just feel... i feel like FUCK! lol!

      i dont understand how they make so much money...

  • He gets married before 20 gets divorced and then expect to find a guy that wouldn't want sex? did you ever ask her what's wrong with sex?

    • Well she told me she's open to sex (obviously) but she wants MORE than just sex (typical female thought.)

    • Well I meant to say she in the beginning LOL but most guys probably come on a little fast and want sex right away, must be just players that she meets only, as for your over weight friend sounds like he couldn't be bothered

    • My overweight friend makes no sense. He even admits to me he see many heavy-set guys with thin girls and has dated two THIN girls (as I said, heavier than he is now) and he still uses this excuse.

  • Divorced at 20? Red flags, red flags.

    • Well he cheated on her by having sex with another guy. They had been dating since they were 13 years old as well, so it was a pretty low thing to do. The fact she's divorced at 20 isn't a red flag to me.

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