Me and my girlfriend got into an argument but this other is trying to make me break up with her I think, can I have some help on this please?

Me and my girlfriend got into a an argument about something dumb cause she caught me straing at this girl when we went out to eat and this other girl want to hangout with me that same day. Told her about it and then all of a sudden she was like "oh she seems insecure about herself", as i told her the full story, she was like "you deserve better than that". I was shocked really. I told her i still love my girlfriend and this is something she will get over. But this other girl kept saying "i think you're honestly better with someone else, sorry but it;s what i think". I told her once again that i love my girlfriend waay to much to break up over something like this.

This other girl is also rumored to do this to guys, I don't know if it's true or what not but i known her for 3 years and she never done this to any of my friends. Should i totaly forget about her? oh! and also my girlfriend hates this girl cause she dresses slutty or something like that which i can say is true, but this girl seems to be nice though.


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  • hmmm where r those rumors comin from? they might be just BS... but anyway yeah i kinda agree wid her. makin an argument just coz of a stare... too much in my opinion :|


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