Age Gap?

Hey guys, I have a question for you...

I'm 22 and I recently took interest in a co-worker who is 30. We talk at work everyday in person and on instant messenger. We seem to have a lot in common. We argue about everything, make fun of each other and talk pretty much about everything. I just want to know if the age gap is too big, and what older guys look for if they're interested in younger women. He seems pretty laid back and I'm a force of nature.


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  • 1/2 of his age+7 = her minimum age
    Or age of the youngest +20%

    • The question was about age gaps, I answered about age gaps , but there's also that old rule "don't dip your pen in company ink."

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  • im in the same spot, wish u can give me a bit more advice.


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  • I myself love the older guy. I think they are generally more mature. I have a hard time dating anyone that is younger than me.

    However...word of not date your co-worker. Some companies totally frown upon that. When push comes to shove at work one of you will probably end up fired. Not sure how big of a company you work for, but think about if you two were in a relationship and it went bad. You still have to work with this person. Rumors will be flying around the building. Do you want to have to go to work every day and face this person if things went bad?