I've had no reply.

Last night I went out to the club with my m8 & ended up pulling this amazing guy! He seemed perfect, which obviously loads of people say/ think when they meet someone new which they like!

Anyway, we spent the whole night together & when if I were to dance with any other guys, he got annoyed, he brought me a drink etc...

During the night we both where saying how we didn't want to just end up having a casual fling from that evening and before the end of the night, we exchanged phone numbers & where texting last night.

The I replied to one of his texts today & had no reply back... so I waited 7 hours later & sent just a general text, saying hey, you OK? Again I've had no reply...

I don't know what too do now, leave it, text him again, call him?

I'm impatient as it is! lol.

So any advice anyone has, Id more than happily take it on board.


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