Is this man out of order?

Okay so I was meant to go on a date tonight but I had to go to the hospital because I kept getting belly aches. Anyway the hospital has told me I have an illness that can stop me having kids I am abit stressed from as it Is pretty bad. He don't want to talk to me anymore? Also I couldn't meet him another night because I was very ill with flu due to this pid thing I couldn't move out of my bed and he got moody about that and then this today. How would you react to this


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  • Some guys might be offended and assume you blew them off.

    I think it all depends on how you told him and if you tried to make it up to him.

    If you were honest with him and he still reacts this way, I'd say he's the selfish type. A guy that really likes you would give you the benefit of the doubt, find an alternative and try to understand. If you're being pretty secretive/indirect, then he'll assume you're lying to get out of going out with him and would get upset.

    My reaction would depend on the sincerity in your voice when you told me you couldn't make the date, gave me an adequate reason why and made a genuine attempt to reschedule the date.

    When it comes to medical issues, I don't think a date is entitled to know all the details, that's your private life, but a certain degree of information would at least give him no reasons to doubt you.


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  • Just tell him your feeling poorly. I'm sure he'll understand. He probably thought you ditched him.


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  • I'd kick him where it hurts, the kick him into touch. Sounds like he's a totally unsuportive guy that just doesn't deserve any lady.

    I think you should look elsewhere. There are decent guys who will give you their unwavering support whatever happens.

    I'm sorry you are unwell!! It should not stop a decent guy from loving you!!

  • I think most people would actually think you are jist not interested and wasting his time

  • I would think that you're lying to me and making up excuses not to go out. I would also think that you are probably crazy... and I would leave you alone.

    • Really? You would think I'm crazy? It is actually true

    • LOL!

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