Men who date online- does it bother you if a woman you met still logs in to her account?

I always hear women stressing over this but never men. The things is the women are still getting on or else they wouldn't know their guy is. Do you check to see if she stil l gets on? If so are you not bother/ indifferent? Or does it lead you to assume she is still looking around and take her less seriously?


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  • Yeah it would hurt my ego a little the fact she's not completely interested in me, but at the same time if we're not official it doesn't matter.

    • I only get online to see if he is...

    • Ahhh I see, he might be doing the same if you see him logging on. I would do it every now and then, but stopped since I knew it really didn't matter due to not being exclusive.

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  • Yeah, I look, I'm more understanding though. If I've only gone on a few dates and it's nothing serious yet I understand that I'm not her boyfriend and she's still free to date other guys, it might hurt if I really like her though.

  • That would annoy me


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