I'm honestly the worst at conversations and we're meeting tomorrow?

Alright so basically the guy im texting is meeting me and some friends tomorrow with his friends. Last time we literally briefly met, if any. My mum came to bring me home like 3 minutes after he came out and we never even said hi. I'm SUPER shy, and I'm trying to be spontaneous but then I remember I'm really not. I can't seem to ever think of a conversation and I'm at loss for how I'm supposed to act round him. We have been texting for around 2 weeks now and we have both admitted to liking eachother, is it too early to ask him out? (We are both 14 btw) I feel like I'll be rejected so this is why I haven't said anything. So question is, what conversations/topics/questions could I ask him to keep up talking and is it too early to ask him out? Thank for any help x


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  • Just ask simple questions at first. Does he have brothers/sisters. What are his hobbies, where does he hang out usually. These are just starters. one he starts speaking, ask him questions about what he tells you. To to him about how it relates to you so that he learns about you too. He will probably ask you questions too and vice versa. All you need is an ice breaker. Sometimes, just a What are you up to? is enough for a whole evening...


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  • No, it's not too early, since you both know you like each other. You should find out if you have common hobbies. Guys usually bond over hobbies, not gossip.


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  • We should be online best friends ! x) I'm 14 too and dude I'm in the same situation almost! Except we haven't met yet. Can you kik me?


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