Girls, please help here. I met this girl and we had chemistry but now she just doesn't want to give me false intentions. What's this mean?

We had a great time on our date! She engaged me and wanted to know things about my life. We made eye contact and we laughed at eachother it was a great time! I ended it by hugging her and kissing her lightly on He lips. She even texted me shortly after the date thanking me for the nice evening. Then we planned a 2nd "DATE" and yes I specified date. Anyways she ignored me for one day after I made a mishap and told her about this slutty woman hanging out with my buddy an I :/. Bonehead move I know. Long story about her but to keep it short she was my buddy's ex and it was awkward for me only reason I mentioned it. Anyways she ignored me the next day and I messaged her 3 times I know sounds clingy but it really wasn't as clingy as it sounds... Anyways she messaged me the next day saying she's not looking for anything serious not a relationship and she though she already told me that which she did before we even started talking. I said ok Im not either right and she said she's ok with friends friends. What gives she kissed me and thanked me for the nice evening but then says she's ok with friends. Am I friendzoned or does she wanna be cautious and go slow? She's been hurt lots in the past, has daddy issues and never been in a serious relationship. She even admitted to not being able to experience her emotions. She blocks them out since she was a young girl. She's lived a sheltered life. I told her I'm interested in her as friend (of course I'm more into her) to show that I genuinely like her and not just for sex or anything. I'm on with being friends but she clearly takes me serious and doesn't wanna get hurt right?
Oh yeah the date got canceled because she had to Leo her sis move out of her ex's place and now she can't commit to plans but did mention hangin out next weeks instead but she can't make plans that far in advance. She will let know next Wednesday


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  • Here's the thing men don't know: just because we SEEM like we're okay for something, doesn't mean we are.

    Women are conditioned to not hurt your feelings. She hugged you and kissed you LIGHTLY, which I assume you initiated the kiss, no? Women will do this or allow you to do this to avoid confrontation, because they feel they owe it to you, and plain and simply to be polite. She likely DID have a nice time, but realized she wasn't ready or willing to go forward, and now is backing off. It could be she felt you were going to fast and trying to progress things too quickly, she could truly not be ready, the list goes on. I don't believe in the "friendzone" concept, but I would say it is safe for you to assume she isn't interested and you should respect her decision and move on.

    Also, never talk to girls about slutty women that you're hanging out with EVER again.

    • When I hugged she stared Into my eyes and I went 90 she went 10. If women are that stupid to kiss someone they don't like then wtf!! She was clearly interested it was obvious during the date and then I had concerns she didn't enjoy it and was being polite but then she thanked me for it. She backed off because of the slutty woman talk. I'm not talking about beginning a relationship with just any woman in talking about a woman who could be the one or a long term serious relationship. Not just your casual fuck buddy relatuonship!

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    • Your not opened minded you are close minded. I'm open to your opinion and you aren't open to mine. Practice what you preach

    • You told me my opinion was wrong, that isn't open minded that's shutting it down because you don't agree. So, vice versa. Hypocrite.

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