Does he like me?

Basically, I've been talking to this guy who is almost the guy version of me, we like the same sort of music etc and we get talk all the time, but recently he's been calling me cute and pretty and once mentioned that I am his ideal girl, and also keeps on saying we should cuddle, and whenever I feel shit about myself he'll make me feel better, and once said I'm perfect the what I am. The problem is that before all this started he mentioned that he was a naturally flirtatious person, so is he just being his natural self or does he actually like me? I'm so confused, but sometimes he'll read my messages and not respond (very pathetic for me to mention I knoe)


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  • Ask him, and find out. Just ask him out if you like him.

    • I'm afraid if I do that and it turns out he doesn't, it'll ruin our friendship :/

    • He probably thinks the same. You will just have to go for it.

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