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I have a boyfriend and sometimes we get a little frisky (touchy and sexual) I told him I want to wait to have sex but sometimes when we make out he kisses me on the lips and kisses my neck and he will start to touch me (my boobs/body and crouch) and I grid on him sometimes and I don't mean to it just happens and then I stop. and I don't know what to do cause I don't want to go far like sex cause I wanna wait. but I feel like if we don't then it would get even more sexual and I dont know what to do cause I don't feel comfortable and I feel bad after. HELP how can I stop being sexual too.

Aslo, after I stop I get mad at myself but my bfvask if I'm OK and I say yea but I don't know I just get frustrated.


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  • Make it a rule that you don't let his dick penetrate your pussy.

    Do everything else.

    Enjoy each other's affection. If you make each other cum then you'll be less likely to have penetration. Give each other oral. Touch each other everywhere and be thankful that you have each other.

    Do NOT feel guilty or bad for expressing yourselves in a sexual manner. You are at the age when you need the experience.

    Getting pregnant before your ready is a mistake but sharing your love for each other is not. So be careful.


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  • First, It's totally natural to feel that way. We were made to enjoy sex. :)

    Second, you should talk to him. I have been dating a guy for a few months. The physical level is about the same. Although I also give him hand jobs. I told him that I want to have sex with him but I am not there yet. I told him I want to take things slow. He said he completely understands and appreciates my candidness. He always tests the boundaries but still respects when I move his hand away or say "No." He said he is willing to wait even if the wait is indefinite... So I would just encourage you to have an honest conversation with him. If he isn't willing to wait then his intentions were wrong in the first place and you are better off without him.

    • First off that it very helpful! He respects and understands that I want to wait. I had a covosation with him before and I told him I wasn't ready for sex and he understands and he can wait but when I grid on him and he kisses me he dirty talks me and I'm OK I guess with it but that's what it takes it to far. or he touch's my crouch and girl to girl I get wet sometimes and excited I don't know how to control it. him touches I guess with bountries is OK but I don't know I need some more advice.

    • It's one thing to have boundaries with him and another to have boundaries yourself. When you talk about grinding on him while he talks dirty to you, your reaction is telling. You say, "I'm OK I guess with it." Well are you OK with it or are you not? My guess is that you feel conflicted. One one habd you enjoy the sensation/pleasure and on the other hand you feel scared because you can't control yourself/bodily reactions... So I would take inventory of your thoughts and feelings to decide if you should have a boundary like "No grinding" or "No dirty talk". Whatever YOU are most comfortable with and makes you feel trusting and safe. Maybe you feel conflicted because you like it and you want it but you are not ready for that yet. So maybe you need to slow down a little bit and decide as a couple to reevaluate where you're at in a month... The point is to keep an open dialogue with him and yourself :)

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