How do I find out my true mate value? How do I know what girls are out of my league?

I have no idea what girls think of me. Achy friends are no help. How do I tell if I'm going for girls who are way out of my league?


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  • 1st, You need to lose the idea of #LEAGUES even existing to begin with, within your mind. Since you're in whatever #LEAGUE that you feel you truly belong in (as long as you're being honest with yourself that is). If a girl feels that she's out of my so called league... guess what? Imma #jump up into her's OR bring her ass down into #mine ^_^ #DaFaqYouMean? HAHA

    2nd, Next you need to show __ that you feel that you belong to be with them in the 1st place, by not being that insecure guy who's always 2nd guessing himself NOR always thinking that you have something to prove in front of them (that's what girls and people in general mean when they say be confident/yourself. If being that/a #GOOFY guy got you the #GIRL. Obviously that's what going to allow you to keep the girl around, right? Not throwing her a curveball later on).

    I can't tell you how annoying that crap is to boys and girls alike. Ya know, If and when __ is faking about who they really are. Since that's not the same person that we thought we were dating in the beginning LOL.

    3rd, If and when you're talking to a girl that you find cute don't let sense that you're intimidated by her looks because the moment she does #YoullHaveNoChance because of those things listed above ^_^. That mainly goes for those legit rated 7-9 girls though LOL

    • I never used to believe in this stuff. But it has started to be brought to my attention.

    • I mean they do exist but they aren't the end of the world when it comes to boy on girl R-ships LOL

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  • If you ask someone out and she says no, she's out of your league. So are girls like her.

    There you go.


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