So I'm having a talk with my SO tonight, there are multiple concerns causing massive heartache, and I want to address them all, I need help?

So the situation goes as this; She cares for me very much, I would do anything for her, and the same goes for her (I assume) which is where the problem occurs (weird..).
Her and her on and off ex are really good friends, and it makes me extremely uncomfortable when she hangs out with him. As much as I'd love for her to drop him (as I believe and have done with most exs), I can't bring it upon myself to force her to avoid one of her best friends. It irritates me and makes me feel so uncomfortable because of their given past and how often they hang out. What makes it worst is the that theyre drinking together (which is a problem on its own in my opinion). The other issue is that her drinking itself is concerning to me, not so much as the thought of her cheating on me with anyone else (not including her ex, as I am concerned about him specifically) but her safety and well being. I've drove home drunk a couple of times and have gotten hell for her and after seeing what it does to her, I have completely stopped drinking. But when I seem to worry about her drinking and driving or drinking alone, my worrys are irrational as she can control herself a lot better than me.. She says that because she doesn't drink much and doesn't go crazy, its less reasonable that I should worry about her. Id love to tell her to stop all these things but I can't bring it upon myself to be the "controlling bossy boyfriend," yet all these continue to bug me. What should I say? Should I just flat out tell her to stop? I just have no idea how or what I should say and it pains me to ask because I can normally converse with her... please help..


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  • Just tell her how u feel and drinking and driving is not something u want someone u love doing after u have been in some bad crashes cause of it or seen a family member die I this just let her know it scares u and u r afraid this guy is hurting her and putting her in a bad place that she knows is wrong


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