Why would a girl message me and not message back?

This girl messaged me saying im guessing your going to this concert right? And i replied hellyeah those are my favorite bands. But she didn't reply back. Granted i didn't ask her if she was going to but i assumed she would reply back with something. and then i was gonna ask if she wanted to go with me or meet up there or something

Think she wants to go with me?


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  • Because she has a life and isn't just sitting around for your response!

    • I did respond though. I dont care if she responds or not. Im just curious why she asked that only to not ask if we wanted to meet up or something

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  • She's dead in a car accident cause she was driving while texting...

    Or she found another guy to take her to the concert for free...

    Or she is just busy...


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  • Yea go on she probs wouldn't mind considering the fact she asked if you are going. She might just be waiting for you to initiate your move.

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