Why would a guy like you, but not ask you out and instead asks your friend!?

Let's say you went to a social gathering with a friend and flirted a bit with the same guy. You both feel that attraction, but the guy ends up asking your friend out. You move on, they pursue the friend who leads them on by hooking up and leaving and doing it again. As they pursue the friend they seem to still be attracted to you. They won't say/do anything, but you can feel it, they look at you a lot and sometimes flirt. Once the fling with the friend is over, they are hurt, but later try to start talking/getting to know you better. How would you feel about this person. They tell you they always felt attraction/chemistry. So if that's the case, why didn't they pursue you FIRST? What are they hiding?

The friend is bisexual female with large boobs and you are seen as a good girl/non slutty even though everyone says you're hot.


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  • You were not showing any interest at all.


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