I love my friend?

I have a friend that I love we have been really good friends for about 3 years and I thought we told each other everything she knows that I love her and we flirt all the time when we are in the car she holds my hand and kisses me when she gets out and tells me she loves me she didn't want to be with someone to have more time with her kid she has low self-esteem from her mum she wasn't the best and her step dad molested her and her kids dad treated her really bad and made her feel worthless she thinks that she is fat and ugly but she's not she's really beautiful she said she has been single for about 6 years since she broke up with her kids dad there is a guy that she has known for a while she has said a few things about lately I met him once and is a real low life drug addict and steals I told her what I thought about him and she agreed she said that she keeps him a distance but every time I have picked her up from work he's been there like he's stalking her and has been talking to her kid on facebook I asked her about him and she said the same as me he's a low life drug addict but her kid is depressed she's only 12 and she told me to look on facebook at what she puts on there and that other guy was on there saying to tell her mum that he misses her and I looked at he's page and there is pictures of him and her on saying that there in a relationship but she still kisses and holds my hand and tells me that she loves me I don't know what to think I don't know why she would lie to me when she is the one telling me that he is a drug addict and she doesn't want to even know him I don't know if it's just from having lower self-esteem she think that she is better than that any help would be good


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  • It sounds like she likes having the security of you there but maybe she doesn't have the passion for you that she has for others. It sounds like she has lied to you because she was worried that if you knew they were together that you wouldn't be there for her. As hard as it is it sounds like you need to be firm with her, explain you are willing to be friends but if she's seeing someone else then it's not fair.

    • He is a low life drug addict I don't know why she would wanna be with him and she did say that her will to live has dropped a lot lately she's not happy

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