Guys, do you like when guys are jealous of you because of your girlfriend?

If you were dating a girl a lot of guys wanted, would you feel good about other guys being jealous of you? Or would it bother you?
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  • I found it tiresome. One girlfriend was so beautiful and exuded sexuality so much every guy in the room would just light up when she walked in. I trusted her and as far as I know she was very trustworthy, she didn't flirt or give them any kind of a show or encouragement but that was like putting a lampshade on an arc light. I wasn't uncomfortable just tired, it was, 'here we go again, some guy with his tongue hanging out trying to talk to her even though she's trying to blow him off and I'm standing right here and she's wringing my hand'.


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  • When I was younger, I was in the situation several times. It's ingratiating but it's also frustrating because you never really know what happens when you aren't there and what the temptations might truly be for the other person. All my life, I've had problems of one level or another with guys hitting on everyone I ever had a long relationship with including both of my wives. I never really got used to it but I did get so I expected it. It helps if you're not a naturally possessive and jealous natured person. At that point, you have to have some faith in the other person to have a good, successful relationship. You must always give the relationship your very best in order to make the other person want you in every possible way more than They want anyone else in any possible way. You can only hope that you are able to accomplish that. If you can't, then you will have to have a relationship with a very special arrangement which is difficult to pull off because of human nature's lack of trust.

  • Sure
    You're my princess, you're an amazing woman, and I'm proud to have you
    And other guys see that

  • I think envious is a better word

  • Not jealous but , insecure , depending on how many guys are their. I've never felt that the "manly" men accept me. Maybe It's because I just got out of High school very recently , so I have yet to adjust my brain to the real world.

    I would also be a bit worried if we JUST started dating...

    BUT If we've been together for a while I won't be concerned about her talking to other men.( I know I wouldn't be together that long with some one who doesn't brush of loosers trying to hit on her)


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